Notre-Dame de Paris

Personal project

A conceputal costume design inspired by Victor Hugo´s novel and the musical by R.Cocciante & L.Plamondon from 1998.

Core idea is to divide Esmeralda into 3 to differentiate layers of her character.

The whole range of this project includes a new concept for costumes, stage design, scenography, all in written form, referring to the original spectacle.

Videos: The 1st part, 2016, sets foot into the story. The 2nd part, 2017, adds layers of interpretation. A 3rd video, a documentary, is in progress. Each role is played by one and the same person.

This project continues in exploring how fiction merges with our actual life experience. Multiple every-day versions of their costumes exist for each character.

The cathedral is being built.

Gringoire, poet

Frollo, priest

Quasimodo, bell ringer

Esmeralda, private

Esmeralda, dancer

Esmeralda, sorcière

Phoebus, captain of the royal archers

Fleur-de-Lys, fiancée of Phoebus

Clopin, gypsy king

Costume spectacle at COALSCAREMONIUM / April 8th 2017, Bruxelles, Belgium

GRAEAE, dance piece / premiere 02.06.2018 at Tanzfest der Deutschen Tanzkompanie Neustrelitz

More shows  Nintendo´s not dead pics video 2011 / David Pereira´s trip 2014 / be italian 2017

various costumes for THE DARK TENOR (universal music / trick or treat media, musician)

various costumes for EHRLICH BROTHERS (Ehrlich entertainment, illusionists)

costume concept for DDC (DDC Entertainment, breakdancegroup)

white dress for FELCE AGUILAR (acrobat, dancer)

various costumes for JACK WOODHEAD (singer, composer, entertainer)

hoof-shoes for BEHEMOTH  (musician)

wire feather top for VIKTORIA LAPIDUS (varieté artist)

tree costume for THE BEAUTIFUL DISEASE (musician)


Design & Manufacture – costumes, couture, masks, head-neck-shoulder-pieces, impossible constructions, sculpture; specialised in structures and working with unusal material

Conceptual work – concepts for stage, photography, film; supervision of production. Very strong in character development

Art Direction, Photoshootings, Exhibitions

Expertise – Counsel on clothes and costumes; transmitting knowledge in lectures and workshops


Dana Maria Mikelson is a costume designer and artist based in Berlin / Germany

Studio/showroom in Berlin since 2015.

Freelancer since 2013. 

Studies of fine art and cinema at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (academy of arts and design), graduated in 2011. Basic formation in filmmaking and stage design as well as diverse crafts and humanities.

Occupied with couture since the age of 12.

Born in Riga / Latvia in 1987.

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14059 Berlin

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